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Kate Morris

Kate Morris

Manager, Campus Engage Ireland

Based at the Irish Universities Association, Kate leads Campus Engage on behalf of the 7 universities of Ireland. Campus Engage has been set up to advocate and drive Irish higher education societal engagement across research and innovation, and teaching and learning. Kate manages a number of associated national programmes on accredited community-engaged teaching and learning; engaged research and innovation for societal impact; and knowledge exchange. 

Alongside Campus Engage colleagues, Kate has built an internationally informed ‘how to’ Framework for research and innovation stakeholder engagement and impact; and an associated national training programme on behalf of the Irish Research Council, Science Foundation Ireland, and the EU Commission Horizon 2020 National Contact Point Academy.  She is also a founding partner of ‘tech for good’ social enterprise studentvolunteer.ie

Kate has over 15 years’ experience across research and innovation stakeholder engagement, and has worked closely on the ground in Ireland, France, and UK with research and innovation policy makers, funding agencies, researchers staff, practitioners and the public.