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Adele Wiman

Adele Wiman

Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Research Fellow

Adele is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Managing Sustainability at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her work centres on global sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and cross-sector collaboration. She has worked in a number of research and policy implementation projects as a researcher, as well as an NGO-business partnership broker at UNDP Lithuania and policy advisor at the European Parliament.

She is currently leading the development of an RRI self-check tool for SMEs as part of the European Union funded project COMPASS. Lately Adele has also been collaborating with a global footwear manufacturer for practically testing leading tools for measuring and managing business impacts on society. The tool testing informed the development of the GLOBAL VALUE toolkit – a modular toolkit for stakeholders and business working towards increasing business contributions to global sustainable development. Ms. Wiman holds a Master’s Degree in public policy and human development from the United Nations University/Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (UNU/MGSoG).