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Ágota Bíró

Ágota Bíró

People Director, Emarsys

My work is about PEOPLE: supporting them to become the best they can be. Helping organizations to have successful conversations around the way to great results: culture, talent, leadership, success, inclusion and letting go.

Started my career as a teacher in a school for children from diverse backgrounds, worked as a Projects and Partnership Manager, later Business Development Manager for the British Council for more than 7 years on projects related to inclusion, diversity and international relations in education.

I am a trained leadership trainer and executive coach. But above all of that I am a dedicated changemaker and a passionate leader eager to make an impact and finding the synergies between different sectors.

One of the founders of the Coach4Good initiative and supporter of NGOs making a difference in civil rights and Roma education.

Since 2015 my main focus is the leadership of all People related matters in R&D at Emarsys.