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Dr André Martinuzzi

André Martinuzzi

Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability Vienna University of Economics and Business

André Martinuzzi is the founding director of the Institute for Managing Sustainability and associate professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. For 20 years he has coordinated projects funded by the EU Framework Programmes, on behalf of six different EU DGs, Eurostat, UN organizations and for several national ministries.

His current research activities focus on Responsible Innovation, Sustainability Management and Circular Economy. He holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration and a postdoctoral lecture qualification (venia docendi) in environmental management and sustainable development policy. Between 2001 and 2010 he designed and implemented the UNESCO awarded international training programme “EASY-ECO – Evaluation of Sustainability” that consisted of a comprehensive eLearning platform, ten on-site training and seven major conferences. Since 2006 his teams coordinates the European Sustainable Development Network, a Europe-wide policy learning center in the area of sustainable development (www.SD-network.eu).

Between 2009 and 2015 he designed and implemented knowledge brokerage systems for researchers, policymakers and business in two EU funded projects (CORPUS and RESPONDER). During the same time, he designed and implemented an internet-based monitoring system for the 7th EU Framework Programme (www.FP7-4-SD.eu) and served as a rapporteur for the ex-post evaluation of this large research and innovation programme.

Between 2014 and 2017 he coordinated the EU project www.GLOBAL-VALUE.eu, that developed a tool navigator for approaches and instruments of corporate impact assessment and management.

In the last years, he coordinated two EU funded project on Responsible Innovation: www.INNOVATION-COMPASS.eu provides a self-check tool, method-toolkit and roadmaps for responsible innovation of highly innovative SMEs and Entrepreneurs. www.LIVING-INNOVATION.net supports responsible innovation in the ICT sector and is implemented in collaboration with major corporations, such as Infineon, Atos, Telefonica, and Ericsson. If consists of a series of co-creation workshops and a vibrant virtual community of experts in Responsible Innovation.