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Aoibheann O'Brien

Aoibheann O'Brien

FoodCloud Hubs, CEO
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Aoibheann O’Brien is about creating and implementing solutions to social and environmental problems.

Aoibheann is an accomplished and award-winning social entrepreneur. She was a recipient of the Newstalk WMB Social Entrepreneur Award 2016, an SEI Impact Award in 2014 and was named as a Ben and Jerry's Join Our Core Winner 2014. FoodCloud Hubs was a recipient of the Think Tech Award Fund in 2016.

Aoibheann O’Brien, is co-founder of FoodCloud and CEO of FoodCloud Hubs connects businesses that have surplus food with charities that need it. To date, FoodCloud and FoodCloud Hubs have facilitated the redistribution of over 2.5 meals.

Her next big focus is scaling FoodCloud Hubs solution so that communities across Ireland can benefit.

Before becoming a successful and recognised social entrepreneur, Aoibheann worked as an investment banker in London. Aoibheann has a BA in Law and Accounting and an MSc in Environmental Science.