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Caitriona Mordan

Caitriona Mordan

Education and Outreach Manager, Cluster Manager, atim cluster

Caitriona’s role in atim focuses on brokering cross-industry, academia and government parties to facilitate exchanges, identify needs and supporting the creation of a connected regional innovation ecosystem. Offaly native Caitríona has extensive experience in developing research and practical interventions to foster open, responsible innovation practices across academia, industry, government and citizens.

Prior to her role in atim, Caitriona worked in ADAPT, the SFI Research Centre in DCU where she was Principal Investigator for the European funded GRRIP project and specialist on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Caitríona has designed an Action Framework to support institutions implement practical measures to include the values of a diverse range of stakeholders, including policymakers and industry, into the research and development processes. These strategies were tested in 15 scientific institutions across Europe, China and South Africa under her leadership and mentorship. She also coordinated initiatives for Celsius Research Cluster. This cluster is an interdisciplinary group focused on analysing current developments in science, technology, environment and medicine as well as offering practical supports on issues related to science communication and impact assessment and was central to the development of the recently formed Centre for Engaged Research (CER).

Caitríona also worked in Engineers Ireland where she managed the engineering outreach programme, STEPS programme. She has sat on on The Campus Engage Working Group on Community-based Research (CBR) and Community-based Learning (CBL) and is a member of the national CSR Forum as well as European Networks such as the European Science Engagement Association (EUSEA) .