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Geoffrey Hucker

Geoffrey Hucker

Founder and CEO, Work for Impact

An expert in the nonprofit, social enterprise sector with 18+ years of experience, Geoff is a passionate advocate for socially responsible, purpose-built businesses. Having established, directed, and scaled a successful charity – Beyond The Orphanage – he understands and has met the challenges faced by NFP/NGO and For Purpose organizations when it comes to talent acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Geoff has hired and worked with freelancers from around the world, effectively assessing HR requirements and directing resources to priority areas of the business. Geoff is highly experienced in For Purpose leadership, global and regional governance and compliance, and the creation of high performing remote global workforces – all of which combine to efficiently and cost-effectively meet the key objectives of an organization and its Board.

With an entrepreneurial eye for the most pressing global social and economic issues, Geoff founded Work For Impact – the platform designed to help Not-For-Profits and For Purpose organizations engage top on-demand talent, meet the demands of the changing landscape of ‘work,’ implement agile working practices, and become leaders in the socially responsible freelance space