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Nicole Loeser

Nicole Loeser

Board Director, Institute for Art and Innovation, Berlin

Nicole Loeser is an art and innovation manager, and serial entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in cross-sectoral collaboration with institutions and corporations worldwide.

Her work with people is global in reach and is grounded in her interests for artistic and scientific research, as well as for social innovation theory and practice. Furthermore, she is an author, speaker, lecturer and workshop facilitator focusing on transdisciplinary, and intercultural co-creation processes, lately on the topics of sustainability and future-scenario-building.

She believes in joining forces with progressive networks to create impact and global action in regard to the implementation of UN's SDGs - for intergenerational justice and circular economy transition towards a regenerative future.

Being EU-project lead of a Creative Europe collaboration project on water pollution (2017-2019) her project proved that interdisciplinary collaboration is key to find solutions to Anthropogenic challenges.