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Portmarnock Community School, Dublin

Portmarnock Community School, Dublin

In recent years, Portmarnock Community School used humanitarian mapping to successfully map the Kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa.

This year’s team wanted to develop a practical solution that empowers people in developing countries who nd themselves in emergency situations.

The team focused on creating a mobile app that utilises mapping data. They consulted with the Ambassador to Lesotho, H.E. Mr. Paramente Phamotse, who provided them with valuable support and advice.

‘Mobile Emergency’ is a mobile app that uses geolocation mapping for emergency services. When a user needs emergency services, they receive their GPS coordinates at the click of a button. They can then relay these coordinates to a dispatcher for the emergency services.

The team also continued the work of previous years through Mapathons - sessions of intensive digital mapping that adds to existing mapping data of Lesotho.

The innovators have worked with IBM, Dublin Fire Brigade, Irish Aid and with the Senior Planner at Fingal County Council. Their network was expanded this year by an introduction made through the YSI Den to University College Dublin. They also have plans to work with the geographical department in Dublin Institute of Technology. 

The team is working to bring their app online, and to add a ‘Help Yourself’ feature. This will allow users to input information about the emergency they find themselves in and receive advice.

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