Business Spirit Award


Terms and conditions
Business SPIRIT Award application

Eligibility Criteria

  • The project/innovation/product/service should be under the management of the team/organization applying for the Business SPIRIT Award and must be developed within the participating team/organization
  • The entry is open for any project regardless of nationality or location. The final pitches are held in Ireland and applicants need to cover their travel and accommodation costs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020-2021 the pitches will be submitted via video. Until further notice, all activities related to the award will be managed online.
  • Entry criteria for the “Best early stage concept” category:
    • Idea phase with solid business concept 
    • Prototype or pilot product 
    • No corporate form or registered less than 2 years at the time of application
    • Value integration into business model based on Environmental, Social, Governance factors
  • Entry criteria for the “Business practice” category:
    • Well defined business model with revenue generation activity 
    • Product/service on the market 
    • Registered organisation
    • Relevant environmental and/or social impact measurements
  • Employees and immediate family members of the award management, sponsors and partners of the awards are not allowed to participate in the Business SPIRIT Awards
  • The final eligibility of the Participant will be subject to the discretion and approval of the Awards Management and Jury

Application Process 

  • The application forms are available online on the Business Spirit Award's webpage.
  • Forms should be filled in English only.
  • All mandatory questions must be answered. Incomplete forms or forms with incomplete sections may not be considered.
  • A participating team/organisation can send entries for one eligible category only
  • If, multiple partners apply for the same project/innovation/product/service, then they should agree amongst themselves who would be the rightful owner of the project/innovation/product/service. The Award’s management or any of its partners will not be involved in deciding the same.
  • The Jury has the right to reclassify application forms from one category to another or reject an application form, at its discretion. This is not contestable in any manner.
  • Please provide supporting documents wherever possible, to support your entry details by using the external link option in the application form.
  • Agreed Declaration by the Authorised person of the organisation is mandatory.
  • Last date for receiving completed application forms for 2020 online submission is midnight 22nd January 2021, Dublin time
  • If you have any questions, or require any clarifications, please contact

Selection Process 

  • All valid entries will be screened by an independent expert jury panel.
  • The jury will have the sole right and discretion to reject entries that in their view do not meet the basic specified criteria.
  • Based on the evaluation framework agreed with the Jury, screening Jury will scrutinize all valid applications received and decide on the finalist.
  • The online application form represents 75% of the total points and the best projects will have the chance to submit their video pitch, which contributes the remaining 25% of the final scores. In case a finalist cannot make the pitch session the next best scored application will be invited to the pitch session.
  • The award ceremony could include screening of the audio-visual presentation of the winner.
  • There could be only one winner in each award category. The category winner will be chosen based on the scores of the Jury. However the final decision will be at the discretion of the Jury. In case there is an additional winner based on public voting the winner would be only entitled to use the "People's Choice Winner" title without receiving any further rewards nominated to the category winner.
  • Jury’s decision on all matters relating to these Awards would be final and binding on all participants, and non-contestable. In case the Jury does not come to a consensus on a particular category, the Jury may not award that category and proceed as it otherwise deems suitable.

Note – The Jury holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria or does not comply with the application and selection process without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Please note that our Privacy Policy will be applied regarding all the information provided in the application form.