Calling all entrepreneurs & innovators who want to make profit with purpose!




Inevitable trends are here towards responsible investments, value-driven consumer expectations and major economic changes driven by new technologies and emerging global challenges. Next generation of products / services need to be profitable, sustainable and social desirable at the same time.

The Business SPIRIT Award is a first of its kind in Ireland which seeks to celebrate organisations, entrepreneurs and innovators who are embedding social and environmental values in their business. 
This is your opportunity to get involved in the value-driven economy!


Business Opportunity + Innovative Solution + Positive Impact 


Finalsists and Winners of 2018

Category: Business Practice
Winner: The Ethical Silk Company
People’s Choice: Swift Comply
Finalist: My Mind Centre
Category: Early Stage concpet
Winner: Change Donations
People’s Choice: Sharo Technologies
Finalist: Setanta Nutritions






Entry requirements

  • Idea phase with solid business concept
  • Prototype or pilot product
  • No corporate form or registered less than 2 years in Ireland
  • Value integration into business model
    (Environmental, Social, Governance factors)

Entry requirements

  • Well defined business model with revenue generation
  • Product/service on the market 
  • Registered company in Ireland
  • Evidence based impact (Environmental, Social, Governance factors)


Why apply?


We believe that the whole process should benefit your business and help you to create profitable solutions while generating positive impact on society and natural environment.

Every business leaders have the special chance to create value for your business and others – no matter if it’s related to your product, supply chain, use of raw materials or workplace practices.

The award will be presented at the 3rd edition of Responsible Innovation Summit in 2019, Dublin. The best finalists will pitch on stage for the final scores.


Benefits to finalists and winners ​


  • Business plan development, access to finance and incubation space ​
  • Professional pitch preparation
  • Ticket to the Responsible Innovation Summit
  • Access to boot camp programme in Dublin​

Worth € 5000 +



Additional rewards for Category Winner:​

  •  Leadership training​ 
  • ESG consultation​
  • € 1000 cash / category

Worth € 6000 +

Extra publicity and marketing

Mentoring, networking and more

From cash to investors and services















How to apply?


check details

in your chosen

fill out

the simple online
application form!

if selected

pitch at the
Responsible Innovation Summit!


The award is supported by 


Panel of Jury



What to know about the evaluation?

We would like to highlight the best value-driven innovative business solutions where the market opportunity for the company means a positive impact on people and on the environment. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are realizing that considering social and environmental factors in business means that they are better equipped to tackle challenges and succeed - whether it is a way of managing risk or creating a commercial growth opportunity. Your efforts and achievements toward shared values are important and this award is here to offer further support in your journey.




The aim of the evalutaion process is to find out why is this an innovative solution with strong business performance indicators and relevant Environmental, Social, Governance factors.

Investors are more interested to get a better understanding of how a company actually works before they pick projects to invest in.

Find out more about ESG reporting and why investors’ asking for this >



The evaluation process will cover 3 main area:
Business opportunity, innovative solutions and integration of values with a positive impact. 

The written application form will be judged by high-level experts who will not only give points but feedback on where to improve your business case. This form represents 75% of the total points and the best projects will have the chance to pitch their project live on stage at the Responsible Innovation Summit, which contributes the remaining 25% of the final scores.


Is this for me?

It’s a good start if you want to create profit with purpose.
Let your values shine through and show how your business can bring innovation to the next level!

Our goal is to ensure that your application is well treated and you get valuable feedback whether or not you qualify for the pitch on stage session. We know that these processes require extra effort and attention, but we also know that sometimes a little push with a deadline can be encouraging and rewarding at the end giving, you the opportunity to focus and have a better picture of your goals, plans and more. Therefore we would like to encourage you to use this award as a chance to work on your proposition, have experts on your side with some ideas for improvement and join a community of like-minded people. And don’t forget to enjoy being involved in a community to create better businesses building on shared values! 

Is this for social entrepreneurs or CSR projects?

This award is dedicated to recognizing business practices where values are integrated into the heart of the business model and all activities related to productions, operations and beyond. Therefore CSR projects are not accepted unless it's part of the business strategy with a visible impact on the factors mentioned above. If you consider yourself a social entrepreneur that's great but it's not a requirement at all- We want to get a clear picture of how you are creating values, regardless of your form of operation.

I'm not solving any environmental/social challenges directly with my product, service but I'm considering environmental, social factors in the production and operations.

You can still apply, if you are creating value trough your supply chain, product or service design, operational activities, advocacy or elsewhere please make sure you consider these elements as parts of your business practice. It all matters and makes you an ideal candidate to apply for the Business SPIRIT Award. It's even better if you have ways of measuring your impact in different areas. 

Do I need to enclose any official report? (like impact measurement, certifications, etc.)

If you have any official certification (FairTrade, Vegan, Biodegradable, Organic, Carbon neutral, etc.) please add it to your application. If you are in the process of getting an official certification related to your business/supply chain, please add this information to your application. It is not an entry requirement.