Business Spirit Award


Calling all entrepreneurs & innovators
who want to make Profit with Purpose!


The Business Spirit Award aims to inspire and support innovative businesses who can deliver financial returns with a positive impact.

Now more than ever we need to embrace innovative solutions that can help tackle
major economic and social challenges by re-imagining business as usual!
We believe that the next generation  of products/services need to be profitable, sustainable and
socially desirable at the same time.


Why apply?


Since 2018 the Business SPIRIT Award seeks to celebrate and support entrepreneurs and innovators who are embedding social and environmental values in their core business.

We are dedicated to highlight leaders who believe that making a Profit with Purpose represents the new business as usual.

Any organisation or project can apply if they create profitable solutions while delivering a positive impact on society and/or on the natural environment – no matter if it’s related to your product, supply chain, use of raw materials or workplace practices.


Benefits to finalists and winners 

  • Raise your profile
  • Professional publication of your story on the Business Spirit media platform - Special prize and category winners will also be featured in the Profit with Purpose magazine
  • Attract investors and potential partners

Additional rewards for Category Winner

  • 3 month media partnership
  • Trophy
  • € 1000 cash / category winner




Reach a global audience




Lead the way




Raise your profile


2020 award will be launched at the Responsible Innovation Summit


How to apply?


  1. Fill out a simple online application form
  2. If selected submit a 3-minute video pitch
  3. Join the final virtual event in December 2020

The application is open for projects regardless of nationality or location. We believe in equal opportunities, so go for it, no matter where you’re based, however please note, that the official language of the application and pitching is English. 





Entry requirements

  • Idea phase with solid business concept
  • Prototype or pilot product
  • No corporate form or registered less than 2 years
  • Ideally some level of consumer interest / market test

Entry requirements

  • Well defined business model with revenue generation
  • On the market product / service
  • Registered organisation
  • Proven track record of revenue and impact


Special Prizes for best projects in 








What to know about the evaluation?

Our goal is to highlight the best value-driven innovative business solutions, therefore we are looking for entrepreneurs, innovators who are realizing that integrating social / environmental factors in business means that they are better 
equipped to succeed.

The aim of the evaluation process is to find out why is this an innovative solution with strong business performance indicators and relevant Environmental, Social, Governance factors. 
Find out more about ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors

Panel of Jury


Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin


The award is supported by 




The written application form will be judged by high-level experts.
This form represents 75% of the total points and finalists will have the chance to pitch their project.
The video pitch contributes to the remaining 25% of the final scores.


     Finalists and Winners from previous years

ris finalist 2018



The Ethical Skill Company

People's Choice
Swift Comply

My Mind Centre


Change Donations

People's Choice
Sharo Technologies

Setanta Nutritions



Winner – Business Practice: The Ethical Silk Company


Winner – Early stage: Change Donations


Professional Presentation Training – SNP Communications


People’s Choice – Business Practice: Swift Comply


People’s Choice – Early stage: SHARO Technologies


Finalist – Early stage: Setanta Nutrition Science



Is this for me?

It’s a good start if you want to make a Profit with Purpose.

We know that the application requires a bit of extra effort, but we also know that sometimes a little push with a deadline can be encouraging and rewarding at the end – giving you the opportunity to focus and have a better picture of your goals, plans, market opportunities, etc. Therefore we would like to encourage you to use this award as a chance to work on your proposition.


Is this for social entrepreneurs only?
- If you would consider yourself a social entrepreneur that's great but that’s not a requirement at all. The application is open to any organisation or concept regardless of your legal entity.

Are CSR projects eligible?
- This award is dedicated to recognizing business practices where values are integrated into the heart of the business. CSR projects are not accepted unless it is proven how this plays a vital part of the business strategy.

I'm considering environmental, social factors in the production, operations, and supply chain but not directly with my product/service. Should I apply?
- Yes, you can still apply, if you are creating value through your supply chain, product or service design, operational activities, advocacy or elsewhere please make sure you consider these elements as parts of your business practice. It all matters and makes you an ideal candidate to apply for the Business SPIRIT Award. 

Do I need to enclose any official report? (like impact measurement, certifications, etc.)
- If you have any official certification (FairTrade, Vegan, Biodegradable, Organic, Carbon neutral, BCorp, etc.) please add it to your application. If you are in the process of getting an official certification related to your business/supply chain, please add this information to your application. It is not an entry requirement but an important information.