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The big idea


Challenging change with creativity

Our mission is to empower the next generation to tackle big, local to global challenges using creative thinking. Our young people have a tough future ahead of them, carrying some of the biggest problems our world has ever faced.

We inspire our next generation to take on big challenges with confidence. With B!G ideas come B!G solutions.

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era zero waste


Era Zero Waste is on the mission to make zero waste easy for everyone, by using technology to bring to life the most sustainable method of consumption.

Via its website users can choose next day grocery delivery from sustainable local shops.

More information: Era Zero Waste



Better Incubation


The Better Incubation project intends to provoke a paradigm shift in the European Incubation ecosystem.

The final goal is to kickstart an ecosystemic change aimed at providing social and under-represented entrepreneurs with dedicated business support services, incubation programmes, and networking opportunities enabling them to develop viable and sustainable businesses.

More about the project: Better Incubation




Training and Award

Circular Economy Innovation Award and Mentoring for SMEs in Ireland.

MODOS is a circular economy training programme for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is a joint initiative of the Economic Development Office of the Dublin City Council and the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices.

More information: MODOS






Fernhay have developed a range of zero-emission cycling and walking equipment to enable parcels to be delivered across our cities without the need for vans which reduces the environmental impacts of the businesses they supply to and the environments in which they operate.

More information: Fernhay



The INN company

The INN Company

We are building communities

We don't talk about builing a community, we just do. We constantly facilitate, inspire and trigger memebers of our communities.

It all started with the Media INN Community. We created a concept to connect like-minded media entrepreneurs and guess what… it worked!

More information: The INN Company





GRACE (Grounding RRI Actions to Achieve Institutional Changes in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations) is a “Science with and for Society” H2020 funded project that supports the European Commission’s objective of spreading and embedding Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the European Research Area. GRACE’s mission is to develop a set of specific Grounding Actions in six research performing and funding organisations (Implementing Organisations). As the project comes to an end in December 2021, experts will share findings on RRI implementation in 8 inspirational webinars 26 October – 14 December.

To learn more and join event: GRACE RRI



Profit with Purpose Magazine


News to make waves

The mission of the ‚Profit with Purpose’ Magazine is to use the power of communication to raise awareness, inspire action and empower innovators to create a sustainable and just economy.

This seasonal magazine features easy-to-digest content related to value-driven business and innovation, circular economy, climate change, sustainable development and everything at the intersection of People, Planet, and Profit.

More information: Profit with Purpose Magazine



Moving Water Alliance


A home to beach & river cleanups from around the world offering support & community to help grow cleanup teams and create Zero Waste Centres in communities across the globe.

This new movement offers access to funding, educational collateral and support to help organisers develop and grow their teams to address water pollution issues locally. The idea of creating this Alliance sparked from witnessing the amount of waste that has been skyrocketing since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Learn more and join: Moving Water Alliance



Electric Avenue


Electric Avenue is on the mission to transform the landscape of urban commuting.

By providing private e-bike share schemes for companies, employees gain access to electric bikes for daily commute and can use the start-up’s platform to engage with fellow commuters and the team.

Life cycle management is also an area of focus.

More information: Electric Avenue Bikes



Fix first


FixFirst is digitizing circular services and processes in the electronic repairs and maintenance sector.

The B2B SaaS startup enables service providers, manufacturers, and retailers to transition to a circular future by creating a world where fixing products comes first.

More information: FixFirst



atim cluster


The atim cluster brings together like-minded business leaders that want to grow their business by adopting new technologies and sustainable business practices. It supports the creation of an innovative ecosystem in the Midlands of Ireland where enterprises collectively form strategies to close the gaps in the innovation ecosystem so these enterprises can access the knowledge, people and supports they need for them and the communities they serve to grow competitively and sustainably into the future. This initiative contributes to the following SDG goals: SDG9, SDG11, SDG8, SDG10, SDG17

More about this project: atim cluster






The Winkt App is a social reality platform that enables small local retailers and gastronomers to connect with potential customers nearby in order to easily provide offers, invitations or no show replacements – direct, fast, efficient.

More information: Winkt App





We are making it easier to work with smallholder farmer supply chains in emerging markets. We use satellites, cloud computing and machine learning algorithms.

Fieldly generates revenue from macro level crop forecasts for agribusinesses, governments and UN. We want to fill the gap in market supply data.

Our goal is to stabilize commodity pricing.

More information: Fieldly



TwigaSun Fruit


TWIGA Sun Fruits was born out of the deep conviction that through our commitment that we can provide many smallscale farmers in a cooperative in Uganda with prospects, a fair income and a sustainable increase in prosperity. Together with our Ugandan partners, we take responsibility for the entire value chain from organic farming, production and energy supply to import and distribution in Europe. Every package of dried pineapples sold contributes directly to the sustainable development of the rural organic cooperative in Uganda.

More information: TWIGA Sun Fruits





The Social Quotient Klaatch leverages tech & human touch to help older adult communities overcome the burden of loneliness with the first holistic measure of social connection.

But it’s not just data.

We help create individual and community solutions that propel connection and financial performance.

More information: Klaatch



Babylon Gardens



BabylonGardens is an innovation lab for green technologies used in urban spaces.

Their portofolio of technologies include solutions for green walls, green roofs and the urban space, specially designed to cater for the needs of the Mediterranean region.

More information: Babylon Gardens





Concrete4Change is developing a technology capable of sequestering significant amounts of CO2 into concrete and reducing the CO2 emissions of concrete up to 60%.

Enabling construction and concrete industry to transition from CO2 emitters to CO2 sinks.

More information: Concrete4Change



Sun Crafter


SunCrafter builds and operates smart infrastructure networks for the charging and parking of micro emobility vehicles in urban and regional areas.

Stations are grid-independent and powered by (2nd life) solar panels, allowing rapid establishment of agile infrastructure networks, exactly where they are needed.

More information: SunCrafter



Our Roots Africa



At OurRoots Africa, we are providing plant-based alternatives to single-use plastics that are 100% biodegradable, compostable and environmentally friendly starting with straws.


More information: OurRoots Africa






Early-stage Enterprise

Life cycle cotton gauze grocery bag in support of sustainability

The present invention offers the most cost-saving, effective alternative of handle design for the grocery bag that will reduce up to 30 % of textile, fuel, manpower and energy.

This new design features handles incorporated into the body of the bag with fabric INTACT - one square piece with no "Attached Handles" and np "Cutout Holes".


More information: Cotton gauze grocery bag