This is an interactive session where you can join different conversations and “shop around” for inspirations, ideas and connections. All topics well be led by experts, hosting conversations, you can choose to visit as many tables as you like, stay for a while and move to the next. There will be a great variety of actual topics and space for active interactions!Looking forward to share this experience with you and generate meaningful change together!


Topic 1: Why we can’t recycle our way out of this problem…. Designing for a Circular Economy

Designing for a Circular Economy: SDG12 Responsible Consumption & Production

Host: Katie Mahon, Program Manager, Engineers Without Borders Ireland


Katie Mahon

Katie Mahon

Engineers Without Boarders is creating a community of global engineers. Bridging the gap between academia, industry and NGOs to give Irish engineers and scientists opportunities to learn about and contribute to sustainable development globally.

Topic 2: Making SDGs Actionable 

Responsible = response able = able to respond; let’s help communities respond to the SDG challenges. Let’s give them easy to understand tools that provide the ability to innovate.

Hosts: Ruta Danyte, Colm Bryne – The Ladder


Ruta Danyte

Ruta Danyte

Colm Bryne

Colm Bryne

We give non-profit organisations and communities the same frameworks that technology companies use to scale globally. The Ladder runs direct action workshops called 'Sprints’ to target a specific problem, ideate, and develop solutions, prototype and test with real users.

Topic 3: The ABC's and 123's of Responsible Business 

Find your way through the overwhelming array of terms & tools related to Responsible Innovation. From SDG's to ESG, and TBL, CSV, GRI, and SPI, etc. 

Host: Paul Ellingstad, Managing Partner, PTI Advisors


Paul Ellingstad

Paul Ellingstad

We are supporting leaders with strategic change, ranging from developing a growth strategy, improving employee engagement, creating a more customer centric culture, and organisational realignment, to more disruptive change, such as pursuing shared value or social innovation strategies, impact investing, or developing an innovation incubator.

Topic 4: Transformation of workplaces through innovation

Exploring support measures to foster innovation

Host: Stavroula Demetriades, Senior research manager, EUROFOUND


European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies.

Topic 5: Ethical Impact Assessments in an Information Management Framework

Simple, scalable framework to conduct Ethical Impact Assessments using established Quality Management and methods to implement Ethics by Design for responsible innovation and development.

Host: Katherine O’Keefe, PhD, Chief Ethics Officer


Katherine O’Keefe

Katherine O’Keefe

We change how people think about information. We engage in research and development for new tools, technologies, and frameworks to help organisations better take advantage of the opportunities in their information.

Topic 6: Identify the competitive advantages of Responsible Innovation – RRING project

Questions around RRING - Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally

Host: Gordan Dalton (UCC) and Caitriona Mordan (DCU)


gordon dalton

Dr. Gordon Dalton

What are the macro and micro level of RI competitive advantages for key stakeholders by geography?

How can RI leverage competitive advantages via KPIs at macro level (policy makers) and micro level industry, RPOs and other relevant stakeholders.

Recommendations on changing perception of RRI (Responsible Research & Innovation)

Topic 7: Ethics Canvas for businesses

How to integrate ethical considerations into your business model to create products with positive impact?

Host: Prof. Dave Lewis, ADAPT Research Centre


The Ethics Canvas complements the business model canvas by allowing ethical issues to be explored in an agile manner alongside the business model.

Topic 8: Dublin 2050 – a new vision for Dublin

What do the people of Dublin want their city to be like in the future? We launched the Dublin 2050 initiative in 2016 and now we got interesting results, however still keen to further develope this idea together.

Host: Graeme McQueenn, Head of Public Relations, Dublin Chamber


When it comes to quality of life, Dublin currently sits outside the top 30 cities in the world.

Dublin Chamber wants to see Dublin rise up those rankings and challenge the world's best cities for the standard of living that they offer.