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Are you part of the transition towards a value-driven economy?

Explore new dimensions of innovation!  

Identify key factors which are shaping the next generation of innovations and investments! Join the community of leading professionals from different sectors to share ideas that matter regarding future-shaping concepts. Inevitable trends are here to stay towards responsible investments, value-driven consumer expectations and major economic changes driven by new technologies and emerging global challenges. Discover more about the concept of responsible innovation and how it means great power and advantage in the hands of innovators!




Small or big, local or global, starting or scaling, you need to guide your company towards a future where you grow stronger. Keep up with the changes on market, check different funding options available for value driven business!




Constantly looking for better solutions to create value through innovation? 
Get inspirations and insights on future shaping trends to spot opportunities and turn challanges into advantages!




Collaborate with industry leaders to make the most out of your reseaerch project. Interact with your peers and learn from other RRI related projects ranging from science communication to project management.







Share the spirit of creating value


Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin

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Get the inspiration, knowledge and tools on how to implement values into your strategy in order to come up with more viable and desirable solutions! 

The aim of this international conference is to introduce responsible innovation as an adaptable business concept. Here you can spot opportunities early on to take advantage of being a real innovator!
Exciting conversations, workshops, case studies are taking place to inspire and activate leaders.

Unlock new opportunities for your business or reasearch project!

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