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Chiara Davalli

Chiara Davalli

Senior Project Leader, European Business and Innovation Centre Network, EBN

Chiara is Senior Project Leader at EBN - European Business and Innovation Centre Network.

She develops and manages several EU funded projects supporting innovative entrepreneurship in different fields, defining better tools, methodologies and policies to support innovation in Europe and beyond.

Chiara works closely with European and non-European incubators, accelerators and clusters to define better innovation support mechanisms at regional, national, European and international level. She is a mentor for early stage impact driven startups. Chiara works on internationalisation related projects (India and Brazil being the two countries she has been working with on bilat programmes - she is Advisory Board member of ENRICH in Brazil Association) and is passionate about social and responsible innovation, and social and inclusive entrepreneurship.

She is in charge of the Social Impact Special Interest Group in EBN that counts today more than 30 members from 16 countries. She is in charge of the operational management of EBN-EVPA (EVPA - The European Venture Philanthropy Association) partnership for EBN.