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Corrina Grace

Corrina Grace

Social Innovator | Weaver | Systems Builder, Australia

Corrina is a socially-driven entrepreneur, hybrid thinker and sustainability leader with almost 20 years working in the fields of sustainability, climate change and social justice. She has a Masters in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development and a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, and brings an engineer’s love for solving problems, a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial tendencies to everything she does.

Corrina spent 15 years as a practitioner living and leading in proximity with communities facing extreme environmental degradation and economic poverty in Central America. There she coFounded SERES, a UNESCO-award-winning nonprofit organization working with marginalized populations in Guatemala and El Salvador, where she still serves as Advisor and Board Member.

Corrina has a personal commitment to ensuring justice and equality for People + Planet. Drawing on her unique perspectives and diverse experiences, she now provides consulting, coaching and training to individuals and organizations in order to catalyze transformative and meaningful social impact towards a better future.

Corrina is also the author of Weave, an upcoming book due for release in early 2021 that draws on her work with frontline change leaders to provide insights into how we can create more inclusive and transformative change in our work and lives.