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David R. Pollard

David R. Pollard

Innovation Projects Manager-Rehab Group, Founder-Learning Tech Labs

David has a passion for education with a Masters in Learning & Teaching and organises Digital Citizenship Summit Ireland. He is the founder of Learning Tech Labs, a 2,800+ community of educators, developers and entrepreneurs based in Ireland, England and Mexico. On the side, David organises Ireland’s TechStars and Google for Entrepreneurs Startup Weekend Education vertical to support people to build their own edtech startup. David also founded an inclusive coding network, CodED Club, at Trinity College Dublin and is Irish ambassador for the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe and European Maker Week, two European Commission projects.

A finalist in JCI’s Top 10 Outstanding Young Persons in Dublin 2018, David Pollard is an Innovation Projects Manager at the Rehab Group. His projects include creating smart rooms for people with disabilities to live more independently. In addition, he was an Institute of the Future fellow for his work on positive platforms to support people with disabilities in employment. David is the organiser of Hack Access Dublin, a 3-day event to create innovative solutions to the city’s accessibility challenges.


Innovation Projects Manager: Rehab Group

Co-founder: Learning Tech Labs

Lead Organiser: Digital Citizenship Summit Ireland

Organiser: Hack Access Dublin

Organiser: Startup Weekend x4 (EdTech and Sustainability)

Irish Ambassador: Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe

Irish Ambassador: European Maker Week