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CJ Palmer

Dr CJ Palmer

Founder, CEO Sustainable mPact™ , Sweden

Dr CJ Palmer is a Sustainability Business Executive who is also a Specialist Medical Doctor and an International Singer and Songwriter.

CJ is a Successful Serial Entrepreneur in the field of Renewable Energy, Financial Solutions for Renewable Energy, and Sustainability. In addtion to 20+ years as a Medical Doctor, previous work also includes having founded and managed a Swedish Wind Power Company, Managing Wind Farm Capitalization, as well as having written, sung and performed hit songs around the world.

Over the last five years, Dr Palmer has focused in on contributing to accelerating the global Sustainability Transition. In 2015, he founded Sustainable Soundtracks™, which is using music and other art forms to raise awareness and stimulate action in the field of Sustainability.

To check out Sustainable Soundtracks™ global hit song to act on climate change, ”We Don’t Have Time”, which he co-wrote and sing, please click here >>

In 2018, CJ founded Sustainable mPact™, which main product is a global, action oriented, online community for Sustainability. The first version of the community was launched on Earth Day 2020, and has received extensive global recognition and proof of concept during the Summer of 2020.