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Jean-Christophe Langer

Jean-Christophe Langer

Head of Devices, Vodafone Ireland

Jean-Christophe is an experienced leader in the Telecom/Mobile industry and an avid promoter of sustainable development in this sector. Jean-Christophe is currently responsible for the Devices business for Vodafone Ireland, and has brought to market several environmental friendly initiatives, such as sustainable phones, bio-degradable handset covers, removal of plastics across products and solutions for customers to keep their devices longer. As an example, he launched the Vodafone Fix&Go service in July 2018, where customers can have their devices repaired within 2 hours in key Vodafone stores.

Jean-Christophe is also leading ‘Green initiatives’ on Devices for Vodafone Group, across 25 countries in EU and Africa-Asia-Pacific. As an INSEAD MBA alumni, he truly believes in the role companies have in tackling societal challenges and driving ‘Business for Good’.

Jean-Christophe is originally from France, and has developed his interest for sustainability when living in Denmark and Germany. Over the past 15 years, he has bicycled every-day to work under sun, snow, rain and hail, to a total of 50.000km. He is now passionate about passing on his knowledge to his children and making a significant and durable impact for future generations.