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Jude Sherry

Jude Sherry

director, anois

My passion for eco/sustainable design and responsible business practice has escalated throughout my career but has always influenced my work in product development, services and operations. I have worked across large and small companies in a diverse range of roles and sectors including furniture, logistics, consumer electronics, renewable energy and bioplastics. I have also worked in academia and research centres, including spending 3 years working as operations lead at the award-winning Cardiff-based international Ecodesign Centre.

My expertise spans eco, sustainable and circular design, new business models, product and service design and development, sustainable value chains, resource efficiency, environmentally conscious manufacturing, finance, mapping, life cycle strategy, assessment incl. LCA as well as the principles and application of the circular economy and the sharing economy. In 2016 I created a mapping concept, the Maker Walk, to increase understanding around redistributed manufacturing in localised and small-scale operations in urban environments with a particular focus on sustainability. I developed and tested the approach in Bristol and also piloted it in Glasgow and Manchester.

I am an experienced project and operations manager, chairperson, evaluator, trainer and speaker, developing my expertise in the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland. I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management in 2014 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2003.