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Killian Stokes

Killian Stokes

Co-founder, Moyee Coffee Uk Ireland

Killian is an award-winning social entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in the tech and not for profit sectors working across Europe, America and Africa. Amongst other things, Killian is passionate about global value chain reform, sustainable development and the role innovation and creativity can play to make our world better.

Killian is also a big coffee drinker and has, with Shane Reilly, cofounded Moyee Coffee Ireland UK (moyeecoffee.ie) to bring speciality “FairChain” coffee from the forests and mountains of Ethiopia to coffee geeks in tech and creative offices across Ireland and the UK.

Since Covid arrived the business has pivoted online with the launch of their Impact Coffee Club ,a monthly subscription, that brings coffee fans on a journey of reform and disruption, deep into the coffee value chain.

Killian lectures on Business and Global Development at the Quinn School of Business in UCD and the Prague Summer Schools.