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Marcell Szabó

Marcell Szabó

The Impacter, business coach and trainer

Opening the door to interact with others, growing together with a group of people, enjoying how ideas are taking shape in reality and create values for communities. That’s the inspiration which keeps him going.

Marcell is convinced that discovering values is the best investments you can make to build up a successful project. He believes that self-reflection, simple but honest communication and the ability to motivate are needed to discover the common power of communities. The power of individuals and teams can lead to a magical interaction which results in positive change.

With a long history of working on organisational development projects, taking part in international classes and having a certification as a PCC Coach from the International Coach Federation, he still feels that his learning journey will never end.

Working with business leaders his focus is to challenge them to find their values, norms and purposes in order to create an engaging organisational culture. His special interest is transformational leadership aiming for value centred solutions which are beneficial for all stakeholders. Based on his experiences working as a business trainer and coach he developed the Responsibility Challenger program which enables leaders to learn to act with an increased level of responsibility and authority.

Happy to have the chance to work with inspirational people and be part of the change they are generating.