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Szilvia Szabo

Szilvia Szabó

Managing Editor, Profit with Purpose Magazine | Business Spirit Platform

Szilvia Szabó is the managing editor of the Business Spirit Platform digital news and collaboration site that aims to inspire innovators to build a sustainable and just economy.

She is also managing the Profit with Purpose Magazine, a seasonal print publication that gives voice to changemakers and puts value-driven innovation in the spotlight.

Szilvia enjoys transforming content from boring to engaging, from complicated to simple, from passive to active - leading to positive change.

In the last 15 years, she has worked on various communication projects with social entrepreneurs, research projects and not-for-profit organisations across Europe.

She is regularly invited as a guest lecturer at Universities to talk about Responsible Innovation and sustainable business.

Szilvia co-founded the Responsible Innovation Summit in 2017. This annual international event brings together academia, business, and policy leaders to cross-pollinate ideas and connect.