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Will Vara

Will Vara

Senior trainer and customer manager, SNP Communications

Since 2014, Will has been coaching, teaching, and helping leaders craft and deliver strategic messages out of SNP's Dublin office. He brings sharp insights and tough love to help people lead with the best versions of themselves. Will is a journalist, actively listening and asking the tough questions to fully understand the story. With a personal and practical approach, Will helps leaders uncover solutions. He starts with logic and common sense, followed by a sarcastic sense of humor to play devil's advocate.

Outside of SNP, Will is studying music - strengthening his musical skills and gaining knowledge of the music business. When he's not in the office, Will is revolutionising the music industry with his own company, Praxis Alley. Leveraging his experience of effective leadership communication, Will works with dedicated musicians who have a message. His mission: spread that message worldwide.