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Xenia Theodotou Schneider

Xenia Theodotou Schneider

Responsible Innovation expert, Principal Consultant
XPRO Consulting, Cyprus

Xenia is a business strategist working in responsible innovation initiatives in many different industrial sectors such as biotechnology, bioeconomy, water, blue economy, ICT and pharmaceuticals. For the past 3 years she has been dedicating a lot of her time to advance the responsible research and innovation concept and to make it tangible for industry. She is the author of the Responsible Research and Innovation Roadmap developed during the EU-funded 3-year project MARINA “Federating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Communities through the MARINA Knowledge Sharing Platform”. She was one of the three concept founders of MARINA and responsible for extracting the lessons learned and good practices for enabling responsible Blue Growth through RRI.

Xenia holds an MBA from Warwick University (UK); a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration specialising in management accounting and process management from Copenhagen Business School (DK); and a BSc in computer science from USC (USA). Her international background, speaking 5 languages, worked in 7 countries and lived in 6 countries, makes her versatile and resourceful in innovation initiatives. She has over 25 years of experience in international innovation projects and over 15 years in EU-funded research and innovation initiatives. For 8 years, she taught innovation and business strategy to master level international students in France. Xenia in 2003 founded the Cypriot SME XPRO Consulting Limited for consulting SMEs in business strategy formulation, innovative business models, knowledge management and spillover, and change management through multidisciplinary actor engagement for improving science, policy, industry interfaces.